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Testimonials: Testimonials

What are my Reiki students saying?

“I wanted to say thank you again for Saturday!!  I have been feeling amazing and cannot wait to continue on this journey.”


Level I Practitioner

“Thank you so much for this amazing experience, Amy! Reiki has changed my life in more ways than I can explain and I am so grateful. I cannot wait to continue this journey and see where I grow from here.”


Level I Practitioner

“I have literally been in love with reiki lately and have had some powerful experiences and it has given me the confidence boost I needed. I truly owe it to you for giving me the foundation, it was meant to be for me to find your reiki class for sure”


Level II Practitioner

“Thank you so much! Being taught by one of the biggest hearts of all has been inspiring and transformative!”


Level II Practitioner

“Thank you for the best experience of my life and being such a great person. You’re a blessing in my life.”


Level II Practitioner

“Found Amy’s class by pure fate, and it was the best way to begin my Reiki journey! She is compassionate, knowledgeable and overall amazing soul to be around! Attended Reiki levels I and II with her and each class was filled with both history and techniques needed to understand the craft.”


Level II Practitioner


Sessions & Events 
“Amy’s energy has an ability to brighten the eyes, open the heart, and settle me into a deep real resonance with my truth. Her down to earth energy helps me relax and find ease. I am always so quick to laugh and find joy with Amy. Our sessions leave me feeling vital and remembering the truth of who I am! Amy, thank you for serving this medicine and sharing your energy work! Our world needs it :)” ~Alexa Iya Soro

“Amy has a great feel for her job and was born to help people feel better. She’s calm, warm, and positive. I had a great experience with her using Reiki and would recommend her to anyone looking for a way to relax and gain purposeful clarity. It’s more than worth the time and was a worthwhile experience.” ~Peter D Schenck CFP ®, ChFC ®, MBA, RICP ®, WMCP ®

“I had my Reiki appointment this afternoon with Amy. She made me feel so welcome, and offered some education on the process of Reiki. I have to say, I am AMAZED at how calm, relaxed, and at peace with myself I am after this appointment. I cannot remember the last time I’ve felt this way ever! I highly recommend her services. She has a forever customer here. Thank you so much Amy!!!” ~Jennifer Cassidy

“Reiki has become one of the most beneficial energy work practices in my life and I can confidently say that the session I received from Amy was the best I have experienced! We met on the beach and she brought all of her extra yummy things like her tuning fork and incense. Her guided meditation in the beginning helped my whole body relax and prepare to receive. Not only was she professional but she also was comforting and sweet. During the session I was grateful for how relaxed I was and how easy it was to surrender into receiving mode! And once the session was done, I was very appreciative of her feedback for what came up for her and it gave me a lot to reflect on. It felt impossible to get off the blanket because I was so relaxed and calm, but I was also aware of some deeper things that I needed to hold with more love and compassion for myself. Amy truly is a radiant woman with hands filled with magic. And I cant wait for my next session with her!” ~Maggie Mason

“What a lovely experience! I was fortunate enough to have Amy preform my first Reiki session. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was very open minded and excited. Amy took me on a spiritual, healing and loving journey. She was very kind and thoughtfully explained everything she was doing. Sending so much gratitude to Amy and her beautiful spirit.” ~Suzanne

“Amy is so amazing!! She explained everything so well. This was my second visit and I will definitely be going back The Cacao ceremony was so peaceful and left me so calm and relaxed.”

“Amy was amazing! So gentle, welcoming, and informative. I will be back!”

“Omgosh…it was so great! I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you for making my very first experience with cacao so special.”

“Amy was amazing! My reiki session with the bio charger was so relaxing. I slept so well that night. I would highly recommend her!!”

“I had my first reiki session at Thrive Tribe with Amy, and I absolutely loved it. She made me feel very comfortable and thoroughly explained the process, so I knew what to expect. I left there feeling Amazing. Thank you so much Amy!”

“Just wanted to let you know that the Reiki session was great. I woke up this morning and felt like all the anxiety had lifted!”

“Hi! I feel great today! I’ve been working on all my intentions for this year since November and the session yesterday was like the cherry on top. I have clarity, I feel good, weights have been lifted. Lots if peace, gratitude and contentment. Thank you for such a cool experience!”

“Feeling great!!! Slept deep! Feel refreshed and open.”


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