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Usui Reiki Level II class with Master Teacher Amy Schenck 

Class Details: Date: Saturday, May 18th, 2024

Time: 10am-5pm 

Location: Sage Healing Collaborative East Providence, RI 

Cost: $275

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Level I 

Class Description: An invitation to enhance your healing energy with Usui Reiki Level II

This class will include:

*Review of Reiki I experience

*How to use three (3) sacred Reiki symbols in your Reiki treatments to intensify the Reiki I energy and to help loved ones and clients take their healing to a deeper level.

*How to use distance healing to help loved ones, clients and the earth.

*Practice healing sessions

*You will receive the 2nd Level Attunement, Usui Reiki II Manual and Certificate.

*Upon completion of the class, if you desire, you can begin building a Reiki practice. 

Once registered, you will receive an email prior to class with additional information.

Reiki Classes : Welcome

Class Details:

Class Details: Usui Reiki Level I class with Reiki Master-Teacher Amy Schenck.

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2024 

Time: 10am-5pm

Location: Healing in Harmony 

185 Putnam Pike 

Chepachet, Rhode Island

Cost: $225 


***If you need a payment plan, please contact me directly at 

Class Description:

In this course, you will learn about the concept e life force energy, the chakras and the history of Reiki. You will receive the Reiki I Attunement to help increase the flow of this universal life force energy.  After the Attunement, you will learn hand positions for treating yourself and others. You will also practice giving and receiving Reiki. Upon completion, each student will receive a Usui Reiki I Manual and Certificate. 

Once registered, you will receive an email prior to class with additional information.

Reiki Classes : Welcome
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