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All About Me

Amy Schenck
Holistic Nurse
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Shamanic Reiki Master
Ceremonial Cacao Guide

Welcome! My name is Amy. I am a native of Rhode Island. I came into this lifetime with a big beautiful spiritual mission. My spiritual awakening started in 2009 when I began my daily Transcendental Meditation practice. I received my bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Rhode Island College in 2013. In 2016, I earned the credentials of Board – Certified Holistic Nurse from the American Holistic Nurses Association. I am also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner. I have completed a mentorship working with ceremonial cacao and a 10 week in depth cacao training with The Mayan Wisdom Project.

I have worked closely with Reiki and ceremonial cacao in my own journey of remembering my divine essence and have felt called to share this medicine with others. I also combine meditation, breathwork and other holistic modalities into my sessions. My goal in each session is to create a safe and sacred container allowing you to relax into a shift in perception away from false beliefs about our inherent worth and towards a deeper knowing about our individual and collective alignment with pure Love. I believe in the power of healing in community.

Holistic Nursing is defined as “all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal” (AHNA 1998). The holistic nurse integrates the body, mind, emotion, and spirit in care. The holistic nurse sees the interconnectedness of self, others, nature, and spirituality (AHNA 2013).

In the past, I have worked in the hospital setting as a staff nurse, as a pediatric homecare nurse, and in a Functional Medicine clinic. Currently, I provide holistic healing sessions in East Providence, RI. I also currently work as an Integrative Therapy Nurse at a hospital in Rhode Island. In this program, I provide holistic therapies to patients admitted to all units of the hospital and in the ER. This includes Reiki, massage, meditation, breathwork, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery. I also provide holistic support to hospital staff. These therapies are aimed at reducing anxiety, pain, depression, insomnia and fatigue. I am also proud to help support coordination of Heal the Healers Now, a program that provides training in Transcendental Meditation to decrease healthcare worker burnout during the pandemic.

Areas of special study towards my Certification in Holistic Health include an online CEU course in ‘Holistic & Integrative Health’, a one day in-person workshop: ‘Ayurveda & Yoga’, a 12-hour in-person class: ‘Yoga – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’ (Kundalini yoga), a 16-hour online class: ‘Foundations of Ritual’, an 8-hour online class: ‘Introduction to Ayurveda’. I attended the Bridge to Freedom Spiritual Retreat and Conference in 2018 and RIs First Annual Integrative Mental Health Conference in 2019. I enjoy such authors as Marianne Williamson (my favorite book is A Return to Love), Kelly Brogan, David Lynch and Michael A. Singer. I enjoy providing compassionate listening and emotional support and believe they are an important part of healing.

I am here to serve with BIG LOVE and I very much look forward to doing the healing work with you,



Ocean State Reiki provides Reiki, energy healing, intuitive guidance, cacao ceremony, meditation, breathwork and other holistic healing modalities. I chose the name “Ocean State Reiki” in part because my home is the beautiful ocean state of Rhode Island. BUT, there is a deeper analogy of how the ocean is considered like the divine, and we are all like the individual waves. Even if we sometimes feel we are separate, we are always one with the ocean. Reiki is a way of healing your memory of your divine connection. A tool for you…feeling as though you are just an individual wave, to be reconnected with the truth of your full OCEAN STATE.

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