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Full Circle Moments

Full Circle Moments


In 2019 I attended Rhode Island’s First Annual Integrative Mental Health Conference. It was an awesome experience that I will never forget.

 Throughout the day, there were several excellent workshops to choose from each hour. I was certain which workshop I wanted to attend during each hour except one. 

I was torn between a workshop by a speaker I knew and would undoubtedly enjoy, and an unfamiliar topic. The second one was pulling me in. 

The unfamiliar workshop was about Kambo. Kambo is a purifying ritual, which has a long history of use in South American traditional medicine. In a nutshell, it is the use of skin secretions from an Amazonian frog to produce an experience that, among many other things, can be like a spiritual rebirth. 

I had never heard of Kambo and I honestly wasn’t sure why I felt so drawn to learn about frog medicine. I made a last minute decision and listened to the nudge. I realized later that this was pure divine guidance. 

What happened in that workshop was nothing short of life changing. For me, that was because of something much  more than Kambo.  The workshop was hosted by Luke and his partner Alexa Iya Soro. They are two pillars that have obviously been holding space for lifetimes. We sat in a circle and witnessed as they created a sacred environment using traditional methods such as cleansing smoke and offerings to our earth and ancestors. All of a sudden I somehow felt simultaneously at peace with myself and connected to everyone around me. Any shyness or social anxiety completely melted away. In this sacred space, Luke and Alexa educated us on the process and benefits of a Kambo ceremony. It was truly fascinating. But what I learned was so much more. I learned that I needed community, ceremony and tradition to truly heal. 

I guess it actually did have a lot to do with the frog medicine too. After the conference, I felt compelled to explore this more. My father was very sick with Parkinson’s and I needed something to survive how difficult the emotions were. I connected with Luke and Alexa. I felt comfortable with the extensiveness of Luke’s training and expertise. The way I describe my Kambo ceremony experience is that it illuminated my path or “the way” where I had lost sight of it. One of the most important things on the path was being introduced to ceremonial cacao. 

Alexa is a being full of Love. I soon learned that she was a ceremonial cacao guide. Something else that was new to me. After my Kambo ceremony, I began working with Alexa using cacao for further self expansion and inward healing. Alexa taught me through personal ceremony, expressive arts, somatic movement, inner child work, ancestral healing, poetry, art and much more. I also attended many of her group cacao ceremonies. I always felt seen, understood and loved. But more importantly, I remembered how much I deeply loved myself. 

I worked very closely with cacao for about two years. Eventually, Alexa became my mentor on a new level when I got the next divine nudge to begin sharing cacao with others.  

One thing I’ve realized is that my dad guided me that day at the first conference to find exactly what I needed.  

A second thing I’ve realized is that healing doesn’t necessarily happen moment to moment. Healing truly happens in the recognition of how much we have changed over time. And knowing how much we were guided and protected.

The truth of healing is in retrospect. 


It takes time

It’s slow 

It’s integration 

It’s clarity

In looking back, there might be:

Power where there had been fear 

Softness where there had been intensity 

Sovereignty where there had been codependency 

Connection where there had been mistrust 

Boundaries where there had been


Blending where there had been avoidance 

Grace where there had been blame

Open-ness where there had been hiding 

Healing is knowing that you’ve become a purer and more authentic you.

In December of 2021 I was guided to build my business Ocean State Reiki. I reached out to Alexa for advice. She said “I feel you need to connect with Thrive Tribe.” She sent them a message and we set up a meeting. Now, years later, I can say that in connecting with Thrive Tribe I have found soul family in Jax, Jessica and Dre. 

On this upcoming Sunday, May 5th, 2024, I will be hosting a workshop at the 3rd Annual Integrative Mental Health Conference. My workshop will be a cacao ceremony. My goal is to show everyone the beauty of cacao and further spread it in waves.  And my Thrive Tribe soul sister Jax will be right next to me as my co-host.  

A little while after I had applied for and accepted to host this cacao ceremony workshop, something very obvious dawned on me. The day of this cacao ceremony, May 5th, is my dad’s anniversary of passing away. 

This has never been a sad day. This has always been a day that I have felt the Light of his soul shining fully. And it’s always been a day where miracles feel extra easy. I can’t wait to serve those miracles to everyone at our workshop along with their cacao.

Don’t hold on to the past. But do look back often. You need what retrospect brings. 

Listen to the nudges even if they don’t make sense. They are there for a reason. 

The truth of all healing is in the full circle moments.

Big Love,




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